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Welcome to CertVerify.me

CertVerify.me will give employers a way to quickly and conveniently verify professional certifications issued by government agencies, professional trade organizations, and traditional and online education institutions with confidence.

About the Project

With the changes in the future of work and gig economy, to support a skill-based workplace many potential candidates get certifications from government agencies (local and state for licenses like plumbers and electricians), professional trade organizations (like PMI), traditional education institutions (like high schools, trade schools, community colleges, and universities), and online education organizations (like udacity, HubSpot, and Jira).

Freelancers and contractors who rely on certifications to prove their skills benefit from a platform that gives potential employers an easy, quick, and reliable way to verify the certificates.

CertVerify.me is a platform that provides an aggregated view per potential candidate that is holding multiple certificates. Institutions issuing certificates can automatically upload the certificates and potential employers can conveniently verify the information via a mobile app. There may be an additional benefit to the certificate providers that currently do not have online platforms to verify certificates. The information is backed by blockchain.

Our Customers

CertVerify.me will directly serve three sets of audiences:

First, organizations that issue professional certificates, from government agencies (state and local) that provide certifications for plumbers and electricians, professional trade organizations (like Project Management Institute, aka PMI for PMP, Axelos (ITIL), traditional educational organizations (high schools, universities, and community colleges) that issue diplomas, and online educational organizations (like Udacity) that issue nano degrees.

Second, employers who look to confidently and conveniently verify the certificates.

Third, potential job seekers will benefit from the instant certification verification process.

Our Team

We are currently looking for designers and developers who would like to join our project.


The back end of the platform is blockchain. The interfaces are APIs and mobile app.

Support or Contact

For more information about CertVerify.me project, contact the team at contact@datagallery.io