Rapid technology development makes executives worried that their organizations will not be able to keep up and will, therefore, lose their competitive edge. Many fear that their organization will disappear altogether.


Disruptive technologies are about our culture that everyone has to eventually embrace; whether you love it or hate it.

Experienced project managers with entrepreneurial and agile mindset can help with this challenging transition.

Well established companies work in the scope of sustaining technologies, methodically iterating innovation. In their beginnings, disruptive technologies may appear unappealing and enterprise-not-ready due to their amateurish looks, performance problems, and limited appeal, but with increased adoption, they will eventually replace established technologies. The micro-in-size-macro-in-value organizations mushrooming at an incredibly fast pace are the ones driving the adoption of disruptive technologies.

Whether well established mature organizations or startups, both need project managers who are at ease with disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cloud services, internet of things, 3D-printing and other technologies. Project managers who can identify opportunities, source funds, and execute them. They need project entrepreneurs good at innovative practices, including collective intelligence, self-adjusting small teams, and continuous monitoring of agents of change.